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King James Bible - Articles Bible Studies, and Comparisons


Why Not Keep The KJV an article by Dr. Bliss

Seven  Evidences of the Reliability of The Bible a lesson prepared by Dr. Bliss  

From the NASV to the KJV by Frank Logsdon, who wrote the Foreword which appears in the NASV.

Reject God's Word?   Surely You Don't Mean Me?? Found within the pages of God's Book, the Bible, are many references to men and women rejecting the revealed word of God.

The Foundations of God's Word are being attacked by Evolutionists. – a Bible Study

Bible Version Comparison Chart - All versions do not say the same thing, and these changes take away from the person and diety of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chart On The Bible Origin and History an easy to understand chart on Bible manuscripts

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