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"As a Pastor who has benefited by Brother Bliss' ministry, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. Brother and Mrs. Bliss (both) have a servant's heart and a Christ-like spirit. He is trustworthy, well-prepared, and genuine. I am certain any pastor or church that would use his services will be able to say the same. "

Pastor Gordon Rogers
Rocky Mountain Baptist Church
P.O. Box 11793, Pueblo, CO 81001-(719) 546-9602

I first met Bro Bob Bliss in 1984 in Bible College. Through the years we have seen a close friendship develop, and I've had the opportunity to see Bro Bliss's life through many different situations. In every occasion I have seen Christ demonstrated through this man's attitude and actions. It's been our privilege to have Bro. Bliss come and preach at churches where I have pastored. His preaching in KJV Seminars, a Family Conference, and fill-in work has been solid Bible preaching and totally supportive of my position as Pastor. We love this good couple and have only been helped by their ministry. It's my conviction that any Pastor and Church will be blessed and happy to have had the Blisses minister to them. It's a privilege to highly recommend Bro. Bliss for any preaching need a Church might have.

Randy Kuhn
Retired Pastor of several Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches Inter-Mountain West
Sabetha, Kansas (785)285-0542

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