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A Ministry of Helps

Jeff Laubach - Associate Director


Dr. Robert Bliss - Director

Pulpit Supply-Filling in for the Pastor without harming his ministry.

Church meetings focusing on one of these topics:

Creation or Evolution?   

Do we live in an Jerusalem, Antioch or an Athens Society?

Faith Promise Missions Conferences.

Does the church understand the blessings of Giving by Faith?

KJV Bible Conferences. Could your members defend their belief in the KJ Bible logically and firmly?

Marriage and Family Conferences. Strong families build strong local churches.

Tracts made and customized for your church 

Graphic Design _ Layout and Design No Charge!

Flyers- Door Hangers - Prayer Cards - VBS Books - Tshirts and much more.

Website Design and Maintenance - No charge for layout and design!

Let us know, how we can be a blessing to you!

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